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The Sims 4 features many Traits beyond those found in Create-a-Sim. Traits often provide bonuses or penalties of some sort, and it may be desirable to remove them. Here is a list of all traits in The Sims 4 and the codes you need to equip them.

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HEY, BOO! So we both know that The Sims 4 is lacking when it comes to traits. That's why the modding community always comes in the clutch. There are over 100 traits linked below for you to download and put in your game. I think having more traits makes your … Sims 4 Mods for Realistic Personality and Emotions … 10/07/2019 · This mod is going to add excitement to your game! I removed the idle chat that sims used to do. What that was, was sims would randomly go up to someone and just "Chat". Just like it says. The sims learned nothing. They did nothing that was from their moods or traits. By removing the idle chat, sims now choose an actual interaction. Now they will ask about day, kiss, tell jokes, be mean. Your The Sims 4: Best Custom Traits Mods to Add to … The Sims 4 has plenty of traits to make your sims however you want to. However, the modding community adds some awesome custom traits mods for them, too. ItsmeTroi — ADD MORE CAS TRAITS MOD // The …

Also, at this stage you can only add reward traits to a sim, not main ones. Version 1-2 for child, 4 for teen, 5 for YA/Adult/Elder Version 2- 3 for  19 Aug 2018 You can unlock 100 + CAS traits with this mod for The Sims 4! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE ➫Add more CAS Traits Mod | 3 Aug 2018 Hey, boo! Here is how you add more traits for The Sims 4! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT!!! ➫ BECOME A BOO  1 Aug 2018 If any of you ever wanted to give your sims more than 3 traits t THAN 3 TRAITS! // THE SIMS 4 Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Sign in. More How do you raise your sims needs by clicking them? Up next. 7 Mods To Make The Sims 4 A Better Game | Best Sims 4 Mods - Duration: 13:20. 2 May 2019 Hey, boo! Here are 100+ custom content traits for The Sims 4! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT!!! Twitter ➫ IG 

The Sims 4 Teen Trait Pack. It allows you to add 7 new teen trait mod in the game. This trait mod includes; Imaginative, cute, Girly, Partier, DareDevil, Nerd, and EMO. Sims 4 Teen Trait Pack Mod Download Link. Download Now . The Sims 4 Mega Trait Pack. This file contains 12 different custom trait mods that you can enjoy in the game. These trait mods include; Hopeless Romantic, Natural Cook "Add Trait" Sim menu mod - Request & Find - The … 14/08/2018 · Would be nice to add traits to inactive (non-player) sims. 0. Share this post. Link to post. kishar kishar Member; Members; 101 posts #3; Posted August 14, 2018. 7 hours ago, lunatorra said: I was actually looking for this yesterday I figured it out. It is in Deaderpool's MCCC mod. Once you have the mod installed, click on a computer in your household and follow this path through the menus Traits - The Sims 4 Catalog Add More CAS Traits for The Sims 4 by Embyr311 DOWNLOAD A sims 4 mod that enables more than three CAS traits. ID: SC4-138448 ID: SC4-138448 Availability: Out of Stock ItsmeTroi — ADD MORE CAS TRAITS MOD // The … ItsmeTroi — ADD MORE CAS TRAITS MOD // The Sims 4 Mods. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. ItsmeTroi YouTuber 125K Subs/Twitch Partner | On that 12 step plan for CC Addicts. | Official Website: Posts; Ask me anything; 50 Q&A; Donate; CC FINDS; Translators; Archive; ADD MORE CAS TRAITS MOD

23 Mar 2019 Custom Events from Mod The Sims can help you on your role-play scenarios a lot , as you can find various social activities to add in-game! You 

The trait in the sims 4 is a personality system, that works as a building block of sims for their healthy lifestyle. There are 4 kinds of traits in the game: Bonus, Personality, Death, and reward. These cheat codes will best develop your sims lifecycle and you can use the maximum level to achieve reward points. More than 100 Custom Traits for The Sims 4 There are so many custom traits for The Sims 4 that you can find all over the internet so I came to an idea to compile some of the most useful traits that you can find. These traits function almost like every other trait: some give certain benefits for skills, careers etc, some disadvantages and […] Unlimited Custom Traits In Sims 4 Traits Mod New … These traits are available in this mod. Download. Sims4 add Traits mod. When players are move from Sims 3 to Sims 4. Players are facing disappointment. Game officials have cut down the numbers of traits in the updated version. While playing Sims 3 you can add up to six traits, but in while playing Sims4 you can add only 3 traits. 100+ CAS TRAITS UNLOCKED // Sims 4 Mods - … 19/08/2018 · Hey, boo! You can unlock 100 + CAS traits with this mod for The Sims 4! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT!!! BECOME A BOO |

Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. If you do not need the add-on features of the mod, such as the social system or memory system, it can easily be deleted. However, you need to keep in mind that the file named “KS – SOL MainSystem.package” should in no way be deleted as it is a critical part of the mod. Types of Slice of Life Mod Sims 4. Emotions: With this mod, one can

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Also, at this stage you can only add reward traits to a sim, not main ones. Version 1-2 for child, 4 for teen, 5 for YA/Adult/Elder Version 2- 3 for 

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